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Click here to learn more about Trinity's architecture


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Click here for music downloads!

The Sound of Trinity

Music is an integral part of Trinity. From worship services to soloists and special concerts, there is always beautiful music to be heard here. The Cassavant pipe organ is expertly played by our Music Director, Dr. Robert Ford, and together with the choir is a leading force in our weekly worship services.

We also have a complete set of handbells that is played on occasion. Add in some pianos, brass instruments, guitars, cellos, flutes, vocalists, and an upright bass, and you can begin to hear the sound of Trinity.

Special Concerts & Events

Trinity has long been a cordial host to many musicians and concerts. The Yale University School of Music has converted our library into a sound isolated recording studio for the many concerts they have held in the building. Other groups and individuals have also utilized Trinity for its prime location, beautiful facilities, and superb acoustics.

We have a state of the art sound system, and Assistive Listening Devices are available to help those who would like to ensure they hear every sound with crystal clarity. Please join us for the next event, and feel free to contact our office if you are interested in hosting your own concert, audition, or recital with us.




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